Support Group Guidelines

Purpose of the Support Group

  • The support group will give you a great place to be witnessed while you celebrate, express concerns, create action plans, and make commitments about ways you will improve the quality of your life.
  • Your group will also help you get to know and support other Community members by observing and affirming their process and progress while revealing your own as an inspiration to them.


Gathering Options


Pick a leader each month. For the first month, choose as the leader the group member whose first name is closest to the beginning of the alphabet. As a group, choose thereafter. Not everyone has to take the role of leader, but we recommend it as a practice.

The leader will:

  • Set the meeting time.
  • Manage the agenda.
  • Manage the meeting so that every item gets covered.
  • Manage the speaking so that each person has about the same amount of time.

Please remember to

  • Honor the commitment to confidentiality
    as Dave defines it
  • Listen to promote authenticity and brilliance

Recommended Agenda

  • Quick check-in
    • Each member gives a couple of sentences about their current mood.
  • Celebration round
    • Report on the progress of your previous commitments.
    • This gives you someone to tell your results to, other than yourself.
  • Challenge round
    • What challenges or problems are you facing?
  • Requests for assistance/advice
    • Remember to give advice only if it is specifically requested.
  • Commitment round
    • What – be as specific as you can.
    • When – include timelines on as many commitments as possible.