12 Success Strategies

12 Success Strategies in a Nutshell

Falling Awake invites you to embark on an in-depth exploration and application of these strategies.

1. Determine what you want.
Trust your desires and create a bold, detailed vision for the long-term future.

2. Tell the truth.
Speak candidly, make promises, and align your actions with your words.

3. Move toward love.
Be willing to release antagonism, and embrace problems as a step toward solving them.

4. Take responsibility.
In any situation, ask What are the many ways that I created this? and What are many ways I can create a new result?

5. Lighten your load.
Move toward bliss by letting go of your attachments and expectations, and by choosing new ways to manage distress.

6. Focus your awareness.
Release mental distractions and pay exquisite attention to moment-to-moment choices.

7. Listen fully.
Open up to receiving any message— compliments, criticisms, or whatever the world is sending you in the moment.

8. Choose your conversations.
Understand the role of conversations in creating your world, and enter conversations with care.

9. Change your habits.
Take the mystery out of personal transformation by following three simple steps to make consistent changes in your behavior.

10. Persist.
When faced with a problem, look beyond the first solutions that occur to you, and stay in action until you get what you want.

11. Contribute.
As you get more of what you want in life, find added joy by assisting others to get what they want.

12. Celebrate.
Constantly notice what you enjoy about your life right now, and go for fun.