Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible to solve problems that I’ve put up with for years?

People often tolerate a problem until they are ready to fully take it on with the support of others. Many people get stuck spending most of their time talking about a problem and not generating solutions. We assist you to discover your inner wisdom and guide you to be creative, which helps you in inventing many different ways to solve your problems. We then support you to create a plan, where you prioritize your solutions, divide them into manageable actions, and implement what will solve your problem.

Is what you promise too good to be true?

We have been doing this work for over three decades and see people make significant improvements every day. We create an environment and a community that makes it much easier to change and improve.

How is your work different from other personal and professional development programs?

We don’t give advice or lecture. We don’t make it hard or confronting. We support you to focus on the process (i.e., the way that you do your life) as well as the content (what occurs in your life). Once you change the process in one area of your life, it begins to change in all areas of life. For example, if you improve at keeping your word at work, you will likely improve at how you keep your word at home. Or, if you reduce stress at work, you’ll experience less stress when you’re not at work.

What if I feel resigned?

Most people do. It is one of the most pervasive problems in our culture. One of the reasons we do this work is to support you to move yourself from resignation to clarity and then into action.

What if I’m certain that it would be too hard to fix a problem, change something, or reach a goal?

Several things can occur:

  • Sometimes you discover that you don’t truly want to do what it takes to achieve a goal, and that insight then provides the opportunity to change how you think and talk about the challenge—you begin to shift your attitude.
  • Generally, if you look back in a year from now, you will see that half of what you want has been achieved and then you have confidence that much of the rest can be accomplished with additional clarity and action.
  • Other times you discover that you have tried something enough and it’s time to move on, in which case we support you to embrace your choice.

Do I have to do your programs time after time to keep it alive?

No, each program is stand-alone. We kickstart a process that you can maintain on your own or with the help of your friends and family. Many people report years after they do one of our programs that the changes they began became lifelong habits. That said, many people do return several times to deepen or brush up on their skills, hang out with a community of like-minded people, gain some new ideas, and have fun.