Participant Results


  • I transformed many of my key relationships
  • My romantic relationship got much better
  • My friends say I’m more enjoyable to be around
  • I met some lifelong friends
  • Others report I listen much better
  • People around me began keeping their word
  • I get along much better with my parents
  • I improved my relationships with my co-workers
  • I became a much better parent
  • My spouse and I fight less and laugh more
  • At work and at home, I’m more reliable
  • I became way less defensive

Leadership at home and work

  • I learned ways to make great decisions
  • I improved or changed my current work
  • I learned valuable coaching skills
  • I created a wildly successful business
  • I am a much more effective leader
  • I created a better work/life balance
  • Time management stopped being a struggle
  • My ability to produce results improved
  • I learned to motivate others
  • My problem solving skills increased


  • I got really clear about what I want
  • I have much more time for my hobbies
  • I resolved parts of my past that had really troubled me
  • I solved two of the biggest problems in my life


  • My money now works way better
  • My income increased significantly
  • I paid off most of my debts
  • I eliminated many of my money fears
  • I developed a plan for my retirement


  • I walk around much happier day to day
  • I learned to manage my moods
  • I began to have way more fun
  • Boredom got replaced by excitement
  • Distress became a very small part of my life
  • I released a lot of guilt about mistakes


  • My creativity really increased
  • I really was able to access my inner wisdom
  • Multiple ways to achieve my goals were clarified

Health and Vitality

  • My health changed so I can do more
  • Regular exercise became fun
  • Generosity has become my habit
  • Celebration and appreciation became routine