Details of Community Offer

It’s far easier to accomplish your goals and solve your problems with a community of like-minded people practicing similar values and utilizing similar strategies.

A 50% reduction in your tuition on a Falling Awake Workshop as long as you are still a member of the Community when you attend the workshop.

You can schedule your two free 30-minute coaching sessions once you join the Community.

The webinars are interactive, include small group sessions, and are all recorded and password protected for Community members.

Books, Videos, and Podcasts
These include several of Dave’s books, an interactive eConnect version of Falling Awake, dozens of short videos and audio programs, an interactive video Falling Awake Workshop, and a 13-hour coach training video

The Community website includes a discussion board.

Small support groups
These are self-organizing groups who meet virtually or in person once or twice a month.

A discount 10% to 50% on all of our services.

Payment Terms

Register with a credit card to be charged $30/month (or less with a coupon) and billed automatically until you stop it.