Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis

Dave is no longer accepting new appointments.

Dave Ellis is a world-class workshop facilitator and best-selling author who has written seven books, including Falling Awake, Life Coaching, Creating Your Future, and Becoming a Master Student, which was the best-selling college textbook in America for over two decades. He has taught all across North America and around the world.

He has coached national and international nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, an NBA coach, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Dave has developed a variety of powerful programs assisting people to realize their full potential. He and the thousands of teachers and coaches he has trained encourage people to think what they have never thought and to take actions they have never taken. Through the workshops, books, coaching, videos, and interactive online classes, Dave has helped over six million people create a more wonderful life.

Dave held the following positions at National American University:

  • President
  • Assistant Dean of Student Services
  • Member of the Administrative Board
  • Computer programming faculty
  • Designer and teacher of an innovative first-year experience course for students to discover ways to be successful in college


  • Honorary Ph.D., Naturopathic Philosophy
  • Work towards Ph.D. in Psychology
  • Master’s in Computer Sciences
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Psychology

Dave started The Brande Foundation and has contributed millions of dollars to the work of his foundation and other organizations. He has four daughters and six grandchildren. His hobbies are running, singing, photography, and travel.