Falling Awake is a detailed, comprehensive invitation to the sweetness of possibility, so credible and compelling that you read it at your own risk. You simply will not be the same person nor lead the same life if you read and implement the strategies in this book.

- Paul Hawken

Author, Environmentalist, and Entrepreneur

Dave Ellis’s workshop was so valuable that I brought it to my organization of about 200 staff. It had an enormous impact on our organization and on me personally. The coaching and workshops helped me envision my future and what I could do on an on-going basis to become the person that I want to be in 5, 10, 15 years, and even when I’m finishing my life.

- Maria Otero

Former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs
Former President and CEO, ACCION International

I’ve been doing a Buddhist practice for 15 years, and there’s actually some concern in that philosophy about desire. Dave’s workshops have opened up a new way to look at desire, and what I’ve learned about myself has allowed me to create what I want in a way that is less attached to the outcome and to live with more presence and clarity. My coach’s acute skill in listening has been an incredible support in integrating what I learned about myself to effect positive change in my relationship with myself and my children.

- Susan Griffin-Black

Co-Founder and CEO, EO
(a natural personal care product manufacturer)

This workshop revived me, and allowed me to let go of a lot of deep-seated grieving I had for human suffering that I had seen through my work. That was an incredible experience that I had never anticipated.

- Anne Lynam Goddard

President and CEO Child
Fund International

The Falling Awake programs are for anyone or any organization that has the goal of producing breakthrough results while leading a balanced, enjoyable, and wonderful life.  Dave Ellis presents ways to do so in concrete, achievable steps.

- Alex Counts

Founder and Former President, Grameen Foundation

After reading Falling Awake, I feel clearer about almost everything. Even truths I thought I already knew seem more natural and easily attainable. This book is a beautiful presentation of some wondrous thoughts about the things that matter most.

- Marianne Williamson

Author, Illuminata and The Healing of America

What Dave Ellis is offering is always fresh and on the cutting edge–it’s exciting and invigorating. One of the great things about the format of his workshops and webinars is that they are participatory and experiential. I gain a lot from talking with other people and from doing exercises. By working with a coach, I’ve transformed my productivity, the ways I relate with my co-workers, and how I approach controversial situations. I’m stronger and more confident now.

- Monica Walsh

Chief of Staff, Google

So, Dave is not an advisor. He was not telling me what to do. He brought out my own capacity. Working with Dave, I became an explorer of myself.

- Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2006), Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009),
Founder, Grameen Bank, Bangladesh